How do you evaluate your success?

This is one of the most common question that interviewers usually ask candidate in job interviewers. Like a beauty contest, the way you answer will be evaluated as your abilities. And actually, many job hunters get confuse with it. Here is the advice for the best answer in case you are asked this question in job interview or any case in life.

“I evaluate my success in different ways. At work, it is when I meet the requirements of the supervisor and my colleagues. From communicating with other employees, I understand that the company is recognized not just because of its rewarding success, but because they give employees the opportunity to develop well. After hard working time, I like playing football, to me, success on the field is to get scores in my competitor goal.”

To me, in daily life, so far I cannot say that I’m a fully successful person since still couldn’t get my goal in life. But at some cases, I can say that I’m successful to have a stable job, a happy family and understanding friends. How about you, how do you evaluate your success?

Really a that kind of question that all wants to evaluate himself and makes himself successful and happy.

It really doesn’t matter what we think about success because the definition I can give would be my own, personal point of view.

It is more interesting to see that you do not consider yourself successful because you haven’t met your goal… But that doesn’t mean that you will not reach that goal in the future. And you certainly should go for it if you think that your success is based on that goal. Obviously, you do not want to lose what you’ve got. But chances are that you can keep most of it, at least the important things life family and friends, and leave behind only what you don’t need.

Viewing yousefl as a successful person will improve the image that you have of yourself and that always gives security and satisfaction. And being satified and happy with what you are makes your life easier as you don’t have to prove anything to others, you will simply challenge yourself for self-improvment, not for the opinion of others. And there, I think, it is where 50% of our happiness lies.

I think this is a really smart answer. And you are right, interviewers look out for you IQ during the interview. If a candidate shows impressive IQ, he/she gets selected.

Actually, nobody is fully successful in life. But, it doesn’t mean he is unsuccessful. Everybody have some success in their life. It is the meter of dimension to look himself. If he always thinks negatively, he never looks his success. But, when his dimension will be positive, then he can see a lot of success in his life.

Absolutely true. A lot is a question of perception.

I have set up some aims in life and when I acheive them I think myself as successful

I take some resolutions every new year and work whole year to make them come true

I think Law of attraction works and if I think of the aims daily I acheive them

This is my way of measuring the success

To be a successful person in life first of all we should have a fixed and sound target that we achieve. Don’t be sad if you have face problems in way even its give more power to us to face adverse conditions at any phase of life.

According to me in short view but very large range, step ahead from yourself daily, is truely a successful person…think deeply then only can be understood this line.

Success is if I’m happy with what I’m doing and accomplishing things the way I’ve envisioned them to be. I think a person cannot truly be successful if his/her heart is not in it even though he/she has gained much. It’s important that you feel happy and contented in a way.

I think there is no right response. It’s gotta be case by case.

I just don’t care about success because it makes a person to think that he is the best

I agree with all of you guys and thanks for your sharing!! Yes, nobody is fully successful in life, but, it doesn’t mean he is unsuccessful…

I think this is a write answer.Actually nobody can fully successfully in their life.
There’s nothing simple about estimating the value of a business you want to acquire.

there’s different levels of success but to be honest, the most accurate one is by comparing yourself to others. I know that its generally considered to be unhealthy thinking to be comparing yourself to others but when it comes to evaluation of your own success, this would be a good way…