How do you create RESTFUL services?

Hi, my idea for this RESTFUL services is limited, and I’m still not getting to know how to apply this in real world. I was ask to create restful services but I have no idea ,and what are the bases for this so that we can call it RESTFUL. please excuse me for not explaining well.

Thank you in advance.

Hi jemz,

That’s quite a broad question… perhaps a good starting point might be to go and read up about what REST is (you could try the Wikipedia page, or maybe something like this tutorial) and then we can help you if you have specific questions about some aspects of it, or how to create a RESTful API.

You ought to know what kind of services you want to be RESTFUL. As it is said earlier that it is a broad question to answer there. You ought to know the creation of it so that you will be able to create it and then you will call it RESTFUL. Best of Luck!

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