How do this

How to get this type of effect on this site , when clicked on faq ,the page comes up. how to do that :eek:
any plugin exist :rolleyes:

I put this JSFiddle up, I guess this is what you are looking for:

I used the title attribute instead of the href because for some reason JSFiddle was giving me an error, but you can try it with the href instead if you want.

Thanks a zillion :slight_smile:

Sure thing :slight_smile:

If you go to the page, then right click and “view page source” you will find that all the text is already in the page, it is hidden and then made visible though the use of JavaScript and CSS, no JSFiddle involved and it uses JQuery.

Not sure what you mean by this, JSFiddle is just an online editor that lets you make code (html, css and js) and share it with others and it also allows you to include libraries such as jQuery; which the fiddle I posted does.

Exactly what I mean, no need to use JS Fiddle, you right click on the web page and read the code, you then isolate what you’re after, job done.

I have tried JSFiddle but I don’t agree with having to pay for something that you can do for free.

Providing a simple and isolated example of what the user is trying to do so that they can then apply the code to their website is much more helpful than simply telling them to read the code and figure it out themselves.

I have tried JSFiddle but I don’t agree with having to pay for something that you can do for free.

I think you have JSFiddle confused with something else. JSFiddle can be used for free, no need to pay.

Asking someone to read the web page code will reveal what is being used and answers their question :slight_smile:

I probably am thinking of another online code tool which I followed a link one day to see what all the fuss with some code was about to be presented with a request for money from the actual web code tool.

Anyway, it does not get around the fact that the answer for this particular help request requires JQuery and the code reveals that the answer is done using CSS and all the page information is present and ready to go, it is just hidden.