How do they see me

An honest question. How do the people in the SitePoint Forums see me? Let’s try funny answers. :slight_smile:

Mitică a.k.a. itmitică

Me about me. Let’s see. Based on the feedback I got so far, probably something like this:

“Man, he just doesn’t get it! Stop it already!!!”

Jason a.k.a. deathshadow60

How I see the “Negative reinforcement is a GOOD THING” Jason:

[URL=“”]TAKE THIS!!! I know it has a bad taste, I know it doesn’t make much sense. But it’s GOOD FOR YOU!!!
Oh, look, a kitten…

Sarah a.k.a. Hawk

That’s a good one.

Oh, the patience, oh, the calm. These users and their expectations!!! These… These… These kids!!! These … cute … adorable… kids!!! SOMEONE RESCUE ME PLEASE!!!

I “see” you with my eyes usually - you did ask for funny answers. I think you meant how do people perceive you or how do you come across personality wise, etc?

Mallory a.k.a. Stomme poes

That’s an easy one:

I can do it my self, but I’ll play dumb. Don’t let anyone else know, and I’m gonna share with you. :wink:

… like

Maleika a.k.a. kokuotek

A no-nonsense German passing along good things. In a different manner.

It’s a little hard in the beginning, but they’ll eventually get it.

> To me form is void.

Other than that I recognised interesting and humorous interpretation of some characteristics of various SPF members as depicted via video. :slight_smile:

Mike a.k.a. spikeZ

I’m right. And when I’m right, I’m loving it. To the last drop. And then some more.

Robert a.k.a. xhtmlcoder

[SIZE=2]I’m gonna let the hands do the talking for me!!![/SIZE]

Right now I see you as a person who is unneccessarily quadruple posting. :frowning:


[QUOTE=itmitică;5088025]Mike a.k.a. spikeZ

I’m right. And when I’m right, I’m loving it. To the last drop. And then some more.[/QUOTE]

oh the irony.

Why, dear Mike, think of your peers as mirrors to your soul.

If my funny way of describing what I perceive you like offends you in any way, I don’t want to force anything on you or the users. It’s just smiles I’m after. We can agree to remove it. Just say the word.

I don’t get this. Are you acting up?

Apart from the smoking funny substances references in the song not too bad. :lol:

Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Someone who likes picking arguments with DS (not in a bad way ;))

I’ll give you that! LOL