How do I stop the text going to the edge of the container

This is the page:

As can be seen the text goes right to the very edge of the container.

How can I put a margin there ?



several ways to answer this question.
looking at your code i will assume : .entry is your container

  1. .entry p, .entry table {margin-right: somevalue;}
  2. .entry p, .entry table {margin-right: somevalue;}
  3. .entry {padding-right: somevalue;} /* do keep in mind that if you declared a specific width for .entry, you need to reduce it by the amount of padding;you are adding.

which is the best choice depends on what you have already coded and what you intend to add.

for example , if your container is a fixed width, and/or you had needed to add padding to it to pull of some trick, and your inner element have no b/gs adding padding to the inner element works nicely.

if you inner element will get some sort of background adding margin works ( fortunately horizontal margins behave simpler than vertical margins)

But if you THINK out your layout in ADVANCE, an you have control over the width of your container, the easiest way is to add the padding to the container (as said before, taking account how it will affect the calculated width).

I hope that helps

It works perfectly thanks.

I have used padding-right: 10px;

Thanks very much