How do i solve this cache problem issue?

Hi Friends,
I have two different websites called A & B. Work is done manually for A but ranking comes for B site. Also the A site is not cached by search engines. Also both A & B having same website contents. Can any one tell me why B site is ranking?

Awaiting for your kind reply…


If the content is the same is the first problem you should look into.

Having duplicate content is a serious problem with SEO.

Why have you got two separate sites with the same content in the first place? Much better to have all the content on one site. If you want to keep both URLs live then you can just redirect one site to the other.

Yes, i know that having duplicate content is problem in SEO. But my client insisting me to rank both websites in Google. Is it possible to rank?

No its not possible to rank both sites.

I guess you’ve messed up things by using both the sites with same content on same IP. I think you will have to work over again on the site A to bring it on a good rank. Atleast use different browsers to open these two sites so that caching is not a problem.

Google count one website as duplicate website from your two site. May be it is possible that Google count your website A as duplicate content and thats why your website B is ranking higher then website A…

Cheers :slight_smile: