How do I show the entire frames page when linking to one page in a frames page?

I have a simple HTML page that fills the window. I’d like to link to a different HTML page that is in a frameset, and I want the whole frameset to fill the window, not the page by itself. How is this done?

When I had to do this in the distant past, I created a new frameset page with the layout of all the pages I wanted, and linked to that. I wondered if in the intervening years someone had come up with something else.

Isn’t that one of the reasons framesets have been abandoned, because you can’t link to a specific page (since the frameset url is always the same) ?

[font=verdana]I’m not 100% sure I’m following what you’re after, but if you’re saying what I think you are, there’s no way to load a frameset page in anything other than its intended state. You can’t say "load frames.htm but in <frame="main"> instead of home.htm I want you to put special.htm, that functionality just doesn’t exist in HTML, and security is a big part of this – otherwise it would be relatively easy for unscrupulous people to inject a malicious frame into your site.

If you control the frameset page (ie, it isn’t on someone else’s website), what you could do is write a nifty bit of PHP that would allow you to link to something like, which would load the frameset but put special.htm into <frame="main"> and new.htm into <frame="side">. This would allow you to create a frameset template but giving you the flexibility to call whatever files you wanted into it … but you would want to put some security on there to stop other people maliciously injecting their own pages into your frameset.

Of course, as Guido says, frames are considered a bit 20th century these days – while there are occasionally valid reasons to use them, there are almost always better ways to achieve the same goal.[/font]

Stevie D: I can’t use PHP, unfortunately, in this application (in an mobile app). There’s a frameset with navigation for one section and a different navigation scheme for a different section (not a frameset). It looks like I won’t be linking to the frameset version, then.

Guido: I wondered whether something had came along to fix that. I guess not!