How do I show a confirmation message once my form is completed


So I know a little bit of javascript and onClick functions, so I think this is possible. I have a bootstrap form but when I click submit I would like it to show a confirmation message that the form was completed successfully. The idea is I have something like a bootstrap alert on the page, but only show it once the form is submitted. I also have a concern. My form has required fields so someone could click submit, thus see the confirmation message, even though the form isn’t complete correctly.
Any advice is appreciated! Thank you very much!


Well, the perhaps somewhat self-evident answer, then, is to validate your form has actually been completed successfully before displaying the message?

Hi @Liamgrossman, you might listen to submit events on the form then rather then click events on the submit button; if the form doesn’t validate, the submit event won’t get dispatched in the first place. See here for a guide to form validation:

Thank you @m3g4p0p

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