How do I setup PayPal Express Checkout button for OpenCart Version

How do I setup PayPal Express Checkout button to be on the check out page. I would like it to be under the guest option all so I would like it to be one the product page so that if that just want to buy it and go straight to paypal they can.

I filled in the paypal details and enable both the paypal slandered in the payment section and the PayPal Express Checkout button in the module section, but I don’t see the anything that said paypal. I only see pay with paypal when you go through the check out step by step.

I’m using Opencart Version

So I got the Paypal express button to work, for some reason I wasn’t showing up on the default layout. I was thinking it might of been behind a Image or something. So I which up layouts and I gave the paypal express button a try and there it was sitting on the far left side of the product page. So even if you enable the paypal button you’ll still have to use css to position it to where you want it. what I did was take the actual code of the paypal button added a style to it then disable the plugin for the page it was on.

<div id="kpal">                        
    <a href="" title="PayPal Express           Checkout" style="text-decoration:none;">    
    <img src="" alt="PayPal Express Checkout"     style="float:right;"></a>                    

Hi ,
You can try to go to Admin panel->Extension->Modules->Paypal Express checkout module, Install and add there module row where button should be shown (pick layout page, position, Enabled etc) and Save.

Yeah I know but it wasn’t showing up then when I got ti to I still had to position it in css.