How do I set up the bash profile or bashrc for React Native?


Hi, I had React Native working. By following steps in a stackoverflow thread that said to run ‘export PATH…’ from the terminal when this should have been placed in a file and saved. I now have an error when I run react-native :
-bash: react-native: command not found

I believe this has something to do with PATH

I don’t have a good understanding of PATH, when to use it , and how to modify it . I don’t have a clear understanding of what a bashrc file or bash profile is and when to modify, create, or use it. So please forgive me while I catch on.

My goal is to not get an error ‘react-native: command not found’ error
when I run: react-native run-ios or npm install && react-native link


The error message is telling your that the executable file, react-native, cannot be found.

Where is the react-native executable found on your computer?

If installed correctly, that location should be found in the list of PATH paths which you should be using.

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