How do I search?

Your FAQ asks me to search before asking but I cannot see that your forums have any place to enter the search.
Has it disappeared, is there something wrong with my browser (Firefox) or am I getting blind?

Just click on the reading glass icon, top right.

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Yes, of course. Must be getting blind.

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“Search before you ask” also doesn’t just relate and restrict specifically to Sitepoint Forums, Sitepoint Premium, or any Sitepoint affiliated domains at all. “Search before you ask” basically means just that. Do your research by Googling your question or even use Bing. Only if your question doesn’t have any related or relevant answer from any search results, should you ask your question.

I have seen 4 different topics asking pretty much the same exact problem, but only with slight phrasing. If all 4 people would of done their research, they would of found out the answer asked on a different website.

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