How do I put a website on a CD?

A client I host wants to put his website on a CD that he can distribute to people who don’t have access to the Internet. He wants the CD to auto start on both Windows and Mac-OSX with all the links working.

Can this be done? If yes, how?

I use a Mac so please recommend software that works on Mac, if possible. If it can’t be done in-house, I’d be interested in getting quotes from someone who can deliver a master CD. Conversion to Flash would be OK too.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

What kind of website is it?

If it’s a dynamic website which relies on server-side coding, that complicates things a tiny bit but that can be worked around, though generally converting it to static for the CD would be the best option.

As for the links side of things, just make everything relative to the CD’s root directory. For example, say the images are based in D:\Images\… (where D is the possible CD directory), then in your css and HTML, use “/Images/…” as the URL. Same with everything else.

It’s mostly a static website and I can convert any dynamic stuff to static. That’s not a problem My question is how to put it on a CD that auto-starts without being connected to the Internet.

The easiest and most bulletproof way would be to build a normal, static website, with all links relative, and then just place the files on the CD. However, the user would then have to open the CD and then click on the home page (say index.html or home.html)—which would then open the site in the user’s browser. From that point on, it’s a normal website.

It’s not as elegant as opening the CD and having the site launch before one’s eyes, but then presumably you wouldn’t be using a desktop browser, but some other kind of application, which might be harder to have working right on multiple systems.

Thanks Ralph.

At another forum they gave me this link for auto-run on Windows.

CD/DVD/USB AutoPlay/AutoRun basics

I think I know how to do it on Mac. The website exits and I’ve downloaded it as a static website but now I have to change all the file extensions to .HTML because Safari renders php as plain text, not as a web page. I also have to edit some links to work locally.

It’s work! :rolleyes:

Ah yes, I thought there’d be a program for this, but maybe not one for both Mac and PC. How will you do it for the Mac?

I’m not entirely sure yet. If you want an item to start up on log in, if the item is in the dock you can select the command “Open at Login.” You can also add startup items in the Systems Preferences under Accounts and my best guess is that this puts an alias somewhere, in a startup folder. Making sure the .html opens with Safari, it should start the browser on login. I’m guessing you can add the same kind of folder structure to the CD but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Here is another how-to link:

OSXFAQ - Technical News and Support for Mac OS X

Do let us know if you find a way, as that would be very handy.

Anyhow, if not, you could always just structure the files such that your home page is called ClickHere.html and the other pages are stored in folders.

Look for something called BrowserCall. It’s a small .exe file that will call the default browser with your “index.htm” file.