How do I modify an icons used as links back to text in @media query

I want to make this web page im designing responsive for mobile screen by changing the social-icons used as links( which is responsive in other screen sizes- laptops, tablets) to text links for mobile screen design in @media query.

Hi adefesoq,

I think we need a little more info to give a specific answer. :slight_smile:

Could you post a code snippet of the html for the icons together with the css for them?

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Hello Erik_J,
I’m new here and I don’t know how to post a code snippet on here. I’d be happy if you can put me through

There are a few ways to post code and have it formatted as code.

Format a code block:

1 - Prepare the code and copy it to the clipboard.
2 - Put the mouse/marker on an empty line and press the code button </>.
3 - A text “type or paste code here” appears after the empty line.
4 - Paste the clipboard to replace the pre-selected text with the code block.
5 - (Check that the “type or paste code here” is gone or delete it if it is not.)

1 - Paste or type the code block starting at an empty line.
2 - Select the pasted code block.
3 - Press the code button </> to format the selected code block.

Format inline code typed/inserted in a text line:

1 - Type the code part in a regular line of text.
2 - Select the code part.
3 - Press the code button </> to format that part.

Now I happen to remember where the posting guide is. :sweat_smile:


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