How do I make this quotation mark?

Apparently, I have to use ` instead of to indicate a column in my MySQL query. When i use a regular quotation mark ( ’ ) or squared brackets (), the query doesn’t work.

How do I make this ( ` ) quotation mark with my keyboard, I’ve never seen it used before for SQL statements.


You don’t have to use it.

SELECT  columnname

works just fine, as long as:

  • the column name isn’t a reserved word
  • there are no spaces in the column name

I always try to work without the backticks, because I don’t have them on my keyboard.


Thanks! Then I’ll just leave the backticks (glad I know how it’s called now) for what they are :slight_smile:

For future reference, the ` is on the same key as the ~ on the left hand side of many keyboards.

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you must have seen it before, to believe that you need to use it

don’t use it… ever…

I copied an SQL Statement from PHPMyAdmin, the quotation marks must have been added there.

yes, phpmyadmin has an option to use backticks, unfortunately the default setting is on… so just turn it off :slight_smile:

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That’s a good tip, thank you!

Never seen anyone say this before. I don’t use them, don’t see any reason to use them, but why shouldn’t you use them?

two well-worn phrases that capture the idea – forest and trees, signal-to-noise

Not on mine. And it’s a pain to have to use characters that are not on the keyboard :wink:

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