How do I make dofollow my site?

Currently in my wordpress blog when I am inserting a link in a post it shows nofollow. I want these links on all my posts to dofollow. I even want dofollow my comment section. What better way to do this using plugins. And if I don’t want to use plugins how can I do it by editing the code?
To check it out live visit this post:

**Visiting this page of the website, you can see every link inserted into the post is showing nofollow! Usually wordpress blogs are dofollow by default as far as I know. But in my question, why are all the links showing no follow? Please let me know the solution.
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There are several links on the page, but only two of them are marked as nofollow one of these is for commenting, so should be nofollow, the other is a Wikipedia link to “Esophageal Achalasia Cardia”. So unless yuo really need to follow that particular link, you don’t have a problem. Otherwise editing the nofollow value from the rel attribute on the single link will do it.

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Ok. Thanks a lot.
But how can I make dofollow my blogs comment section?

How can I make dofollow these comment links?

There will probably be a setting somewhere in Wordpres to toggle this if you want coment links to be followed.
I presume the theme is set up deliberately to make the links in comments nofollow by default to discourage link spamming, since the links will have no SEO value, much as links here in the forums are nofollow and won’t help anyone’s SEO.

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On my site I am adding "rel=dofollow " attribution from the html text editing option when when I am making the post. But it remains nofollow all the time! What is the problem? What change I need to make my links dofollow?

Thanks for your helpful reply.

There is no such attribute as “dofollow”. In the absence of the “nofollow” attribute, links will be followed.

Check that you don’t have a nofollow robots meta tag on the page which could be interfering.

Also, it’s worth saying that you go into this idea with your eyes wide open - making your comments section ‘dofollow’ will inevitably lead to spam, and your site’s reputation with search engines hit the dirt faster than a rod from god.


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