How do I make Apps from my Ideas?

I have several ideas that would be great for the App business. How do I present my ideas to a company so they can take me on as an incubator company to bring this idea to fruition? I suppose I would have to do the following:

  1. Write up a business plan
  2. Present them with a non disclosure agreement to sign before I tell them the idea. But how realistic is that?

Any suggestions?

To be an incubator company you have to have some experience taking concepts all the way to market. What you have an ‘an idea’ which is only valuable if you can somehow develop it.

Why not just shop the idea around and see if anyone wants to develop it for you and you can own some of the business? Unless you have something specific to offer beyond the original idea, that is really all you will be able to get.

Sure, use an NDA form if you feel that you need the protection. Don’t be surprised if some of the more experienced investors won’t sign it, though :slight_smile: If your idea is FANTASTIC you should have no problem getting someone to partner on it. I am always looking for deals like that myself (i.e. equity partnerships) and it’s done all the time.

Unless you know how to write a business plan (a REAL one) don’t bother. Just write a one page max brief on what the product is and how it will make money. Then send it to a few people and see what response you get.

Hi Sagewing. Thanks for your feedback. You sound like you know what you’re talking about. I’m always weary to share my ideas, but all great businesses have started with an idea and a team. There simply is no other way to get something off the ground. It takes teamwork.

I think you will find that most entrepreneurs don’t worry all that much about these things when an idea is just an idea. Many ideas come ac cross my desk without any NDA or IP agreement. The majority of ideas aren’t easy to execute no matter how great they are, and it’s more important to get feedback and partners than it is to keep the idea secret.

I won’t even sign an NDA until I know the subject matter around an idea, because it can get sticky if you later take on a project that relates to that idea. That’s why VC’s are so hard to get under NDA sometimes.

I would share your idea with people that you trust, and who are experienced enough that they have their own business interests and aren’t going around stealing other peoples ideas. Just tell someone, it’ll feel good :slight_smile: