How do I know if a website is an on-page SEO?

In fact, I don’t know how to do SEO on-page. Not sure how to handle a new website. Please help me.

Your title question doesn’t really make sense, but if you are new to SEO, the place to start is Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. It explains both the dos and the don’ts in a clear, straightforward manner.

I would caution you against following other advice you may read on the Internet, as much of it is out-of-date and / or contravenes the search engines’ TOS. Always check before taking action which might result in a penalty against your site.

Those guidelines are there to help you. Make use of them. smile


The best and fast way to learn is by seeing videos and by doing certification courses.

If you use WordPress, using Yoast SEO is a great way to understand more about what goes into on-page SEO.

You can see the videos of on-page SEO and read the blogs on google.

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There are many SEO tools out there, you can use those tools to see if your on page SEO is correct or not. If your website is on wordpress you can use Yoast SEO tools to check on page SEO.

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Can you give me any such tools link?

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@codewareltd this tool ( very useful for check you on-page SEO.

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I need some more tools link to know my SEO page is correct or not.

If you use chrome, many tools to know how about your on page seo example SEOquake. If you want to try free website tools myb neilpatel (ubersuggest).

Thank you for suggesting.

there are many ways for understanding about on-page SEO. watch videos, certification courses, use WordPress.
you should be writing a good title for your website also write easy and unique content.

Try this search in Google Chrome: codewareltd

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