How do I integrate or connect a web application to Shopify?

Hello, good day, dear community, I would like to ask for your great help. I find myself in a dilemma since my company has several ecommerce sites on Shopify and they asked me to integrate the sites into a service provided to us by a shipping company. My question is how can I link directly the application with our site on Shopify, if it cannot be done directly, what API can I use?

I have tried zapier and zoho and I don’t know how to start

There are plenty of integration options… is for working with the Shopify API and can be used to query data from the shopify sites.

You also have which is a mechanism provided by Shopify for notifying other applications/sites when things happen in the site. Like when an order is created, to notify another site of the order and pass it data.

With these two methods you should be able to integrate with just about any site.


  1. Create a new ‘Zap’.
  2. Use Shopify as the trigger. For instance, “New Order”.
  3. The action will be an HTTP request (Webhooks by Zapier) to the shipping company’s API (if they’re not listed directly in Zapier). You’ll take order details from Shopify and format them to be sent to the shipping company’s API.

Zoho Flow:

  1. Create a new ‘Flow’.
  2. Choose Shopify as the trigger app.
  3. Use HTTP as the action to send a request to the shipping company’s API.

Hi @hernanmontilla,

You can also do this on as well (disclaimer I work there), something like this:

We’d love to help you set this up, on VC/Slack or over email. Let us know! :slight_smile: