How do I get rid off the white spaces in the outside of a Web page


How do I get rid off the white spaces in the outside of a Web page even though I have the
Table Width set at 100%.

You can see the example here:

So what I need is for there to be No white space above the Table and to its right left.
So that the table is going all the way to the end of the computer screen.

I have set the CSS margin = 0 for the Table but the white spaces still are showing.

Thanx for your advice.

body{margin:0; padding:0;}
also, did you notice you have a <br> before the table …

On a side note, tags like FONT, and using tables for layout is not considered good practice.

Hey ThanX for your suggestion.
That did the Job good :slight_smile:

About your other points:
1- The <br> tag was there by mistake, it is gone.

2- I have been part of this discussion about Tables vs all CSS layout, and I am a firm believer that the
safest web site design, as far as display across all Web browsers, is one that has its core a Table
design and then on top of that all CSS. But I know that CSS purist, will always disagree with this :slight_smile:


True, tables were the best way to have a consistent design across browsers…in 1997. Now we have a BETTER way to do layouts, and BETTER browsers that adhere to a strict standard in order to decide how to display them.

Your table design might look good to you, on your screen, but what do you think will happen when a blind person tries to visit your site using a screen reader? Chances are they’re going to click the back button within 10 seconds of trying to navigate the mess of <td>s for things that are not, in any way, tabular data.

Or how about this; try viewing any table-based site with images off. Good luck finding your way around. Then go to any well-designed site with semantic HTML and external CSS. Turn images and CSS off and you’ll see a well-structured outline, everything properly labeled and easy to navigate in an order that makes sense.

Your HTML should not say anything about how the page is structured. It should show content, and ONLY content, wrapped in the proper tags with classes added for styling in an external CSS file.

There is no such thing as a “CSS purist”, because CSS is the way to do presentation. Using layout tables is the best way to set back years of progress made in the web development field. You seem to think designing with tables will make sites render better across all browsers, but what it will really do is frustrate people to the point of losing all interest in your site. Even if you did manage to get a table-based design to render well across ALL browsers on ALL devices (which is not happening in a million years), anyone who knows the first thing about web development will look at your code and immediately strip you of all your credibility.

With CSS we have easy, site-wide styling with no redundancy. We have the ability to change entire layouts and color schemes by editing ONE file (at least this is how it’s supposed to work if your HTML is 100% semantically accurate). We have media queries to make sites display differently at different window sizes. We can insert extra visual content with pseudo elements. We have quicker loading times, because the browser doesn’t have to take its sweet time loading the entire table before it even displays anything. CSS is the way to do layouts now. End of story, no further discussion required, closing time, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

…wow, I think deathshadow’s rants are rubbing off on me.

I think we’ve all been there at some point in our “webdevelopment careers” - the question being: Where the heck is that 10px space coming from all around the page???

They could have told us that body { } by the default has a 10px margin and padding… So yeah, as dresden said, body { padding: 0; margin: 0; } will do the trick.

On a side note, in the name of all that is holy please stop using tables :frowning:

The problem is not layout safety ( and keep in mind that am predominately an ART DIRECTOR, still I understand the WHY of CSS). The layout is the LAST thing one should consider when creating a web presence. The thing is that the TABLE tag actually MEANS TABLE… not “arrange layout in said fashion” . also when graphics and/or CSS is off, your ‘layout’ persist… even tho the context of it is gone so the content becomes difficult to understand; don’t even mention what it seems like to screen readers! Icing on the cake is all the other things you hear about ease of updating,et all.

just something to consider.

I really do not mean to be insulting, but viewing table layouts as the core of Web design is like watching the last biplane proponent telling anyone who will listen that those durn single-wing jobbers are just gonna fall out of the sky. Seriously, it is way, way past time to move on past table layouts.