How Do I Get My Subcategories To Show Under The Parent Category In Wordpress

I’ve got a wordpress blog and when I try & create a subcategorie and put
it under it’s parent it’s not doing it it’s showing up like a parent
category in my categories.

I’ve watched videos ,installed different themes & still nothing works
what am I doing wrong.

My permalink is /%postname%/ could that be it here’s some of the
steps I’ve so far taken.

  1. Installed the categories widget.

  2. Created my parent categories.

  3. Created my subcategories & put theme under it’s parent

  4. Added post to both the parent categories & subcategories.

Here’s my wordpress blog Penny Auction Reviews

I assume you mean you want:
Cat 1

  • sub to 1
  • sub 2 to 1
    Cat 2
    But you see
    Cat 1
    sub to 1
    sub2 to 1

You may need to add depth=0&hierarchical=1 to the function calling your categories.

I did not check the hierarchy box in the category widget
& now it’s showing up ok.

Awesome. (I tend to avoid the widgets)