How do I find affiliate marketers?


I recently launched a website which helps companies to create online training courses. Over the past 2 months, I’ve been adding about a blog a week on relevant material on my site in increase the relevancy of my site. At this point, I’d like to attract potential affiliate marketers who would be interested in a recurring commission (it’s a subscription based product). What would be the best approach to seek out potential affiliate marketers for my particular niche?



There’s two ways of doing it:

  1. Install your own Affilate system (a few decent ones listed at and promote it youtself.

  2. Join a network (there are several like, the advantage with one of these is that they have loads of marketers who may promote your program for you. looks promising and I found a couple of others that I’m going to check out. I also like the idea of potentially having marketers promoting my program.

As a secondary question, could I have some advice on what to pay potential affiliate marketers? My product sells for either $200 USD or $600 USD per month recurring and will probably be used long-term if a customer purchases it.

I look forward to your additional thoughts!


You can either pay a % of the sale, or a flat fee per sale. How much you want to pay out doesn’t really have a precise answer, too low and marketers won’t have the incentive to push your product, too high and you could bite deeply into your profit margins.

If I was a marketer I’d probably be looking for a decent return, say at least $20 on a $200 sale, and maybe the same or slightly more on recurring.

It’s been a long time but I seem to remember that had some sort of system where you can reward affiliate who make regular sales for you (an incentive), ie $100 bonus for selling 10 products, or increase commission.

This has been a helpful place for me to start. Thanks!

Hi Kreut,

To find affiliate marketers in your own niche you have to search in various affiliate marketing sites or else you can do to search freelancing affiliating marketing.

To attract potential marketers you should more engage in various affiliate marketing sites where the big companies and their affiliate site owners visits regularly.

Hope you will get your answer.

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