How do i edit the “Account” button in Magento?


I am running the latest Magento ( 1.9 ) with the Default theme and right now, in the top right region of the header i see the Account and CART buttons.

What i want to do is edit the Account button into something else however I spent the last 2 hours trying to find the place where I can edit it.

Can you please guide me in the right direction ?

According to me the account link is defined in customer.xml. If you search that file for “top.links” you will find it;

<!-- Mage_Customer –>
<reference name=“top.links”>
<action method=“addLink” translate=“label title” module=“customer”><label>My Account</label><url helper=“customer/getAccountUrl”/><title>My Account</title><prepare/><urlParams/><position>10</position></action>

Try to turn on the template path hints and you will see where is it. You can use the magento system function to turn it on or just use this extension for easier