How do I display buttons under the "Answers" column

If you type in a question in the question box and select your option and answers from the option and answers box ( do this: open grid, click on button “3”, type in “1” in the “Number of Answers” text-box and select button “A” by clicking on it, the button should turn green)

Now if you click on the “Add Question” button, it will display a new row in a table which would display the question in the textarea, but how do I code it so that it would display the buttons and the selected buttons under the “Answers” column?

The code for inserting a row under the “Answer” column is below:

cell = document.createElement("td");
     cell.className = "answer";
     input = document.createElement("input"); = "answer_" + qnum;

Whole code is in jsfiddle, click here