How do I create a program to view a user profile criteria?

users of my site create a profile, thru an adv. search form. this profile/form has the option of selecting about 60 pieces of information to search the Data base. when they “save to profile” they can search this info without reentering the data on each visit.

My question is: How do I view the profile of each user? As an example John would like to serch for homes in
1-Ca, Ut, Az.
2-residential,town homes.
3-by owner

where do I get statrted? I want to be able to view from my admin panel.

You could save the profile into a database. I presume you want the user to be able to create multiple search criterias.
You save all the data into a table and link it to the user. e.g

id, user_id, location, owner, employment