How do I convert site from WordPress to PrestaShop?

We have a site selling watches that have entrusted the management of its content to WordPress .
But now we’re going to give it to manage content transmission PrestaShop.

But we want this transition to have the fewest changes .
Please complete guide here

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Welcome to the forum, @ashrafiwatch.

That really isn’t an appropriate question to ask. If you need help with a specific task, that’s fine, but asking for a complete guide is very broad.

How much have you done already? Which aspects of the transition do you require help with?

(BTW, I’ve removed the links to your site, as they are not required for general advice like this, and make your post look a bit Spammy.)

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Most of the time you can digg up at least a starting point by searching on Google. More often than not there is something out there to partially handle migrations between well known platforms. I would be very surprised if that wasn’t the case for migrating Wordpress woo commerce to prestashop.

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Sorry that I’m not fluent in English .
You are generally in favor of this transfer ?