How do I check if a company name is available?

Now the time, It’s an effortless job to google anything related to the business, person, or any specific entity. But a question popped up here, how authentic is that resource that entitles the real-time company information across the web?

Try this link…

Test domain name availability

…it may help…

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This question is not clear. Are you asking about domain names or company names?

Determining if a domain name is available is easy. If you want to know if you can use an available domain name if the name is being used by an existing business then I think the answer is yes and if that is what you are asking then someone could find a more accurate answer.

As for company names, not domain names, then that gets complicated. I am not sure how accurate the following is but it is intended to indicate the complications. In the USA there are corporations and there are other types of businesses, such businesses called Doing Business As (DBA) businesses. Businesses that are not corporations can be local or state. Names of corporations can be used in other countries by other businesses, so if a business wants to be international then it must search in all countries. Typically if a business wants to find a name that can be used for an international corporation then they must pay a company that specializes in doing that.

This can be easily checked online on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website. Here’s the procedure to check whether a name is available for a company in India: Go to the MCA website and click on the ‘Name Availability’ link under the ‘Services’ tab .

But only for India, right? That information would not guarantee the name is not used in other countries.

Every country have own rule and regulation where is you can check in their government portal.

The OP has left the building, so there seems no point in offering more advice.

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