How do I change background color of dropdown menu


Here is the site I am working on:

On the top menu dropdown, I need to change the background color from white to #8a0f11
Divider Line to White
Text Color to #c58788

I can’t find where I change that in the stylesheets.



In the head of your document, you have this, around line 47:

.header_color .main_menu ul, .header_color .main_menu .menu ul li a, .header_color .pointer_arrow_wrap .pointer_arrow {
background-color: #FFF;
color: #DDD;

You’ll want to set the hover color here, too (also line 47):

#top .header_color .main_menu .menu ul li>a:hover {
color: #FFF;

That’s where you can change background and text color. You also have a long rule on the same line that sets the border-top color on the <a>s there.

Why not move all these styles to your style sheet? Much easier to deal with there.