How do I capitalize site title on SERP?

Hi, when my site shows on SERP, the site title or site name is all on lower caps. Pls how do I capitalize the first letters of the name as shown in the attached image?

I’ve tried adjusting the name within WordPress but it does take effect on SERP

Just about everything you see in SERP is taken right from the websites you create. So if you see your title in lowercase, it is probably because it found it in lower case when the search engine indexed your site.

If you located the lowercase and corrected it on your site, do keep in mind that it can take days if not weeks for the search engines to crawl back through and update its results. Everything in search engine world is not immediate so have patience.

If after a few weeks you still see it lowercase, perhaps you missed locations where the title is still lowercase. If you are using WordPress, make sure your page titles are in the correct case and check any plugins, that offer search engine site maps, you might be using to make sure they are not specifying lowercase.

If you’re using a content management system (CMS) or a website platform, such as WordPress, make sure to enter the capitalized site title in the appropriate field. Look for the “Site Title” or “Page Title” settings within your CMS or website platform’s backend. Update the title accordingly to reflect the desired capitalization.

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