How do I call the css folder on a sortof complex folder structure?

How can I get the css working on the index.html files that are in sub-folders?

I already tried …/css/main.css, but it does not work

Or is there a better practice?

Thank you for your time

Two preceeding dots takes you to the preceeding folder. Try two instead of three leading dots and see if that helps.

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.. means ‘go up one level’. (Disqus translates two dots into 3 automatically because… reasons?)

If you’re in /chapter/0/, and go up 1 level, and then go to css/, you end up at /chapter/css. But your CSS folder isnt there.

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Thanks, I didn’t know that. upsidedown


from the index page: The relative path would be

It might be easier to use absolute paths (aka: root relative) from index.html

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Alternatively: putting / at the front of the url will take you to the root level automatically. So /css is a perfectly valid means to get to your css directory regardless of depth of file.


…/…/css/main.css hit the spot

Man I have soo much to learn, Thank you soo much

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Looks like “two adjacent periods? you meant ellipsis. OK, FIFY.”

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