How do I aquire data from another site to my site while notifying the other site

I want to give people a code that puts an ad on someone’s site, and I want to have reports that it has been shown on the site. Thank you.

Do you care if it it easy for these people to circumvent the tracking?

I am trying to make an advertising platform, I don’t get why they would try to circumvent but sure

in short, no

One way that springs to mind is that, rather than providing the other party with an image, you provide them with a link to a script on your site that produces the image. So while it’s producing the image to show on their site, it also updates a log to record that it’s been shown. So the link you provide to the other site would include some way to identify that site.

<img src="">

then in youradserver.php parse the siteid and advert to decide which image to show, and to record the caller.

That may be a horribly outdated way of doing it now.

that’s a pretty good idea, but that is fairly limited. But it is okay of an idea… because it probably works

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