How do I add friends fast?

hello there.
I don’t know 1000 people that have facebook and I can’t go add people randomly, it will take forever and I can’t guarantee they will accept my request.
Any suggestion on how to reach that number fast?

Hello try to join groups and like fan pages in facebook. You can find some people there and you can add them or try to post something like “Add me.” or any messages with the last sentence add me.

May I ask why you would need to reach 1000 friends?

That’s a critical question here… What do you possibly want 1,000 “friends” for where actually knowing you [or your business?] doesn’t matter?

It is long process if you don’t want to do spamming, but there is a way you can get a good figure of friends that you should join groups where people are available for chat and sharing and then you should share something interesting and attractive. People automatically follow you and send you friend request try to share something latest like news and photos you will rapidly get good figure of friends.

That’s going to be a long and hard battle if you’re aiming for a thousand friends for your account. The people who have reached more than that amount of friends are those who just accept invitations without knowing if the person adding them is a real person, and those who are famous but don’t have a fan page. If you want to reach that number, better start building a good reputation in an online community.

I’ll ask the same question as Ted and TheRaptor: What’s the purpose of adding 1,000 friends?

In my experience, You can try to host a variety of contests for your Facebook friends. they will likely tell others about the contests and they will want to add you as a friend. :slight_smile:

So you end up with a bunch of “fans” who want contests… Not sure how that accomplishes much, except to have to do more giveaways.

I have upwards of 1,050 facebook friends and have accepted, In my experience It is a very long process maybe join groups or you just make one.

Its a long process… First make own fan and join relevant group of your business nature share your link and ask them to join you, like fans with huge number of fans share you message in comments and daily send 5 request only.

try to make automatic bot or something like that

Well it take little bit time but you want it fast then find social networking sites from the Search Engine and then register in it and make the friends of your interest with whom you make comfortable to share your ideas, topics, discussions etc.

Creating a big fan list is all about continuity and Patient. You must follow the rule
Will to do Work + Planning + Execution + Patient = Success

If you have a new profile and adding people’s non-stop then facebook will temprory band your id for some days so be careful while adding people on it !!!

I usually start by following people on twitter that have relative interests as myself. Once I begin to get followers back I make a post to add me on facebook on my twitter.

Looking genuine friends?

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You can find new friends by related topic or related businesses. You can finds friends by twittfriend and other social networking websites.

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