How do I add content under my blog pages?

:confused:Ok. so maybe I’m just technically challenged, but I have a wordpress blog with 2 pages and a few categories. When I make a new post I’m able to check a category to put it under, however I don’t know how I can attach multiple posts under my second page. I can alter the one paragraph that I put on the page itself, like the introduction, but can’t post separate blogs on this page. Ack…

thank you. this site gave me a lot of useful advice. I guess I was just used to trying to figure out what I could do in wordpress without inserting code. Would inserting code be easier as far as blogging is concerned?

Just to expand on Dan’s suggestion, rather than writing some html in the category template, you can use to pull in the content of a particular page.

I think what you want are custom category pages – category pages are those that list posts in a specific category – rather than “pages”, which are meant to be static content, not lists of posts. By creating custom category pages, you can write that text you want to appear above/below/beside the list of posts.

Here are some instructions/examples on creating these pages in your theme: