How developers and designers work together

Although I have design skills, I work mostly as a developer in my company. We use an outside design agency for look-and-feel. Unfortunately, I only see the design when it is finished, and the comp is usually incomplete. I’m trying to understand how to get what I need to build the site. For example, in one case the navigation buttons were done in a particular display font, with the mouseover in a specific color (orange). That font was not included on the spec sheet, however, so I wrote to the designer and said, please either tell me the font so I can buy it and embed it, or send me the nav bar in your orange mouseover color. She did the latter, so I had to take the time to slice up matching buttons, write swap styles, etc. Not a huge deal, but I wonder why she couldn’t have just given me the font? (I had to pay for a web font on an earlier project, so maybe it was my boss.) I’ve had a lot of these convos with external designers.

That what you get when you use graphic designers instead of web designers (there’s a big difference!).

I get this all the time where designers just sent a pretty picture (the PSD, jpg or heaven forbid an f-ing PDF!). Rarely do they send anything useful like fonts, written style guide etc.

I’d suggest writing up your own spec sheet of the things you want and send it to the the designer so you can do your job more efficiently.


Haha that’s so true! I’ve had power point slides too, I always feel like I need to take a shower after.

Thanks, but the designer is the boss’s friend…that’s why she got the job. I just take what is given me, slicing out of the PDF if necessary, as the “final” usually comes 4 days before launch day. The site is already mostly done before then. :wink:

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