How could i best call in a separte page that is just for ie8

Having some compiblitly issues w/ie8
was wondering if a better way to solve it would be to just create a separate page for it? and call it in when the browser switches to it?

What is the nature of the compatibility problems?
If the compatibility is styles or JS, writing css or giving IE8 the compat meta tag is what people usually do.

Having two separate copies of your content will likely mean the main page gets updated and the IE8 page lags behind, unless you’re diligent.

wow…this is crazy Somme. But diligent is my middle name!
yeah right.
Anyway also posted this on the css part. But also placed it here to see if a better solution would be to use an entirely different page. perhaps w/the script & code w/in that one page.
but as you can see if you open this up on chrome vs ie8 especially

it doesn’t work. trying to make it the same across browsers. I think i got it in ff, chrome & opera, kinda dies in ie8.