How come stroke-width isn't going around the whole object?

How come it stops, isn’t it supposed to go around the whole thing?


<svg width="400" height="400" viewBox="0 0 68 48">

<path class="ytp1" d="M 45,24 27,14 27,34" fill="red"></path></svg>

svg {
  background: green;

.ytp1 {
  stroke-width: 1;
  stroke: #0059dd;

Hi there asasass,

you have forgotten to end your path code with a z. :winky:


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I didn’t forget to end the path with a z. YouTube did.

Why would they not add a z to it?

Did they forget?

z: Close Path

This command draws a straight line from the current position back to the first point of the path. It is often placed at the end of a path node, although not always. There is no difference between the uppercase and lowercase command.

YouTube Code:

<svg height="100%" version="1.1" viewBox="0 0 68 48" width="100%"><path class="ytp-large-play-button-bg" d="M66.52,7.74c-0.78-2.93-2.49-5.41-5.42-6.19C55.79,.13,34,0,34,0S12.21,.13,6.9,1.55 C3.97,2.33,2.27,4.81,1.48,7.74C0.06,13.05,0,24,0,24s0.06,10.95,1.48,16.26c0.78,2.93,2.49,5.41,5.42,6.19 C12.21,47.87,34,48,34,48s21.79-0.13,27.1-1.55c2.93-0.78,4.64-3.26,5.42-6.19C67.94,34.95,68,24,68,24S67.94,13.05,66.52,7.74z" fill="#212121" fill-opacity="0.8"></path>

<path d="M 45,24 27,14 27,34" fill="#fff"></path></svg>

The lesson to be learned from this, is that coding videos
are very often unreliable or outdated sources of information. :biggrin:

Personnally, I would not consider using coding videos at all :unhappy:



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