How can we test javaScript code from address bar?

Does any way to test javaScript from the address bar?
I have heard that just passing a javascript code on the address bar as a query string, we can change and test the functionality of the corresponding web page.

that’s called bookmarklet.

I find that it’s better to test it from the JavaScript console.
You may want to look at some excellent details about Chrome’s devtools , or IE’s devtools, and if you’re not using those web browsers then pretty much all of them have decent developer tools available for testing and debugging.

FF Developer Edition even has a separate JavaScript Runtime Environment.

If you want to test web page UI take a look at Selenium IDE.
It’s a plugin for Firefox that allows to record and play tests in very easy way.

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Does any way to test javaScript from the address bar?[/quote]

@JebaQpt - can you please give us further information on what you want to achieve?

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