How can we add a transition between slideshow images?

I’m using this code for a slideshow; works well:

function funcHome() {
var i = 0; var path = new Array(); 
// List of images
path[0] = "../images/2016-banner.jpg"; 
path[1] = "../images/2014-main2l.jpg"; 
path[2] = "../images/2016-edge.jpg"; 
    function swapImage() 
            slide.src = path[i]; 
            if(i < path.length - 1) i++; 
            else i = 0; 

However, I wonder how to add a transition between images - is it possible with a simple script addition, such as with CSS? (I’m not using Jquery in this site.)

See for a script that you can add that makes adding transitions between images extremely easy.

Thank you, Felgall. It appears to be a clickable script; the transitions occur with a click. The slideshow I’m running has no click functionality. I guess it should be called a rotating banner.

I have an example of using that script for a rotating banner at

Thanks, felgall, that looks like it!

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