How can I use x symbol as a multiplication instead of * in php array?

this is where I am declaring array of operators for generating an expressions

   // Read operations from the POST params and map the array that looks like fo my purpose
//    ['Addition', 'Multiplication'] as  ['+', '*']
$operations_map = array(
    'Addition'       => '+',
    'Subtraction'    => '-',
    'Multiplication' => '*',
    'Division'       => '/',
$operations = array_map(function($operation_name) use ($operations_map){
    return $operations_map[$operation_name];
}, $_POST['operation'] ?? []);  

 // generate expressions using the specified random seed
$expressions = array();
for ($i = 1; $i <= $num_questions; $i++) {
    $expression = generate_expression($num_operands, $operations, $num_digits);
    $expression_string = implode(" ", $expression);
    $result = eval("return ($expression_string);");
    $expressions[] = compact("expression", "result");

return compact(


here I wanat to display x as a multiplication sign and perform the operation instead of using * sign , I have tried many ways like replacing it directly with x , by using &times also but eval function is showing error every time I am rrequesting output through my form
The rest of the code is working perfectly but with * symbol ,

what should I do ?

x is not a legitimate algebra sign in computers. In almost all languages, * is the sign for multiplication. Using x in PHP will make PHP assume that you are trying to reference a constant. x is a letter and not an operator. Also, eval is a dangerous function. You should use it with caution.

You’d have to translate your operator before you pass it in to the eval() function, that way you can display what you want and have it not matter.


@droopsnoot Is this correct way to translate it and if it is then hoq can I translate it i. e with some variable or any thing like that ?

               Multiplication' => ['op' => '*', 'display' => 'x']

I would just modify your display routine to look at each operand it displays, and if it’s “*”, echo “x” instead, otherwise echo the operand.


hey thanks its working now

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