How can I tell the size of a single layer in Photoshop?

I have CS:2 and I have a layer that I would love to find the pixel dimensions of. Unfortunately, I seem unable to find anything in the tools that might come close to doing this. Are there any easy ways to do this?

I’m sorry guys… I figured it out. Maybe this might help others, though, so I’ll post what it was I figured out…

1.) Select the entire layer.
2.) Then simply look at the “Info Window”. If your ruler is set to percentages, the dimensions will reflect this in the Info Window so make sure to set your ruler to pixels instead.

  • If the Info Window isn’t up, just go check it in the Windows menu above…


The other method is to click Ctrl+T for Transform and then check the size in the Info palette.
Besides the Info palette is far more useful than the default Navigator one.