How can I stop IE9 from displaying my site way bigger than it's meant to be?

Hi all,

It seems Internet Explorer 9 likes to stretch my websites so they fill the screen a bit more. I find this rather presumptuous as the sites need a bit of space around them to sit nicely and please the eye. Here’s an example:

I designed it to be 990px wide whereas IE9 stretches this to 1240 pixels. This also affects the picture quality which I’m not happy with.

Is there a way to stop this in IE?



Perhaps you have (accidentally) zoomed your page or something, because it looks fine in IE9 to me (identical to Chrome, Firefox et al.).

And there is the problem, you designed your site way to depended on pixel perfection. Heaven forbid a user comes along with a giant monitor or is hard of sight thus runs with higher DPI setting and zoomed in browser settings.