How can I share the browser version of my project when using webpack?

I just finished my first project in webpack, and after pushing it to github I wanted to share it with someone. I mean I just want people to see my final version, the one you see in the browser when running it not the code, because almost no one(except maybe employers) is going to review your code, but the final result.
Maybe I am missing something, idk.
TL;DR: Is there any way to share the browser version of your project with people?(no codepen, jsfiddle, jsbin etc )

A website perhaps?
That’s a great way to show web-pages on-line in a browser without the need for Codepen and the likes. :smile:
If you don’t mean on-line, then just the files organised properly in folders will do.

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Don’t you need to pay some money in order to get a domain? The website would be the best choice but I was thinking of alternatives

.tk domains are free - see

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I can recommend .tk and use about six of them for test sites. One is also HTTPS.

Also try a search for free web hosting. 000webhost is good but must be updated regularly otherwise the account is closed :frowning:


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