How Can I Remove The <h1>Latest Post</h1> From WordPress Theme?

I was hoping someone could help me understand how I can remove the <h1>Latest Post</h1> from my WordPress theme?

Clean and the standard method please…

Thank you

Hi there,

Your theme consists of nothing more than a set of (mostly) PHP files.
You have to figure out which file the offending line is in and open that up in a text editor.
In the best case, you will see the line straight away and be able to delete it.
More likely however is that the file will include another file and/or the line you are looking for is generated by a PHP command.

Which theme are you using.
If you can post a link to your site where I can see the line you want to delete I don’t mind taking a look for you (as long as the theme is free).

N.B. It’s late here and I’m off to bed, so I won’t be able to pick up this thread until tomorrow.

Depending on where it is, you can probably pull it out. Most likely its in your themes index.php, page.php, etc. If you have a good code editor you can probably do a search and find it nestled in the php files.