How can I remove all ocurance of , and I from a string using REGEXP_REPLACE in mysql-10.4.24-MariaDB?

How can I remove all occurrence of , and I from a string using REGEXP_REPLACE? Tried the following but it doesn’t work.

regexp_replace('123,|4abcd, aaa|,qqq|a', '|,', '', 'g')

the pipe character is a special character in regex, you’ll need to escape it. Also, if you’re trying to replace one of multiple characters, you’ll need to define it as a character class. Have a look through the MySQL RegExp Pattern Syntax

Hi, I escape | as well but it doesn’t work.
regexp_replace( '123,|4abcd, aaa|,qqq|a', ‘[|,]’, ‘’)
regexp_replace( '123,|4abcd, aaa|,qqq|a', ‘[|,]’, ‘’)

works for me. Check your quotes. You’ve been copying and pasting an answer and your computer has mangled the quotes.

Not sure why it doesn’t work for me. Thanks.