How can I make long-terms existing back links?

We just made over 1000 back links manually last year… but they disppeared 90 percent this year… so many of my ranking on google
down to 10 pages out from first one…

So we have to keep recreat back links by hand guadually now…It’s really a bord, hard way for links building… I just want to know how many years
your links existing and can some one tell me a good way to make very long-term existing back links? at least can be existing over 2 - 3 years… thanks alot.

For that you should be use article posting, press release submission, blog posting. Those seo techniques are hold your backlinks for long-term.

Well in order to make long term links you will have to first go for the authority sites like web 2.0 sites and you will have to find the sources like forum posting links, article submission links, anchor text through blog posts and blog comments, directory submission and also you can contact the websites that are in your niche and you can do link exchange with them and also you should always try to target the high pr sites because they are the good source for the long term backlinks.

web 2.0 submissions. I’ve also used a service where I hired high PR links to point at my site. It worked wonders but obvioulsyy as soon as you stop paying them the monthly rental you lose the links. its okay for ecommerce site as I think of it as no more than say an advertising cost but for an info website or adsense website not pulling in at leat 80 -200 a day maybe not worth it.

I paid $30 a month for that service from memory but it did shoot me from page 10 to page 1 within 2 weeks.

What exactly do you mean by “web 2.0 sites”?

Sorry, but that is not going to help you. Any forum worth its salt is going to mark external links as nofollow, just as this forum does, and they will be useless as backlinks. Moreover, dropping links in forum posts is probably a great way to get yourself banned for spamming.

Any links which you can easily obtain for yourself will be regarded as worthless, or nearly so, by the search engines. You need high quality content on a well-constructed site to gain links from other high-quality sites who will choose to link to you. Link exchanges and other such schemes are unlikely to benefit your site. See Google’s guidelines on these.

Check my link above - buying links which pass PR is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Building links manually is a waste of time. Try to invest your time in building engaging content instead of trying to focus on one signal of Google’s metrics. Engage with your audience. If you don’t have anything of value, then you might be needing to think again about your whole project.

To answer your question though, the only way to make sure your backlinks stick is if you own the sites that hosts them. Forums, Web 2.0 and stuff might help a bit but you need seriously to drive real traffic to see that big boost in your rankings. Start up with social media marketing as it is an easier path with more fruitful future.

If you have created good SEO back links those links will be stable for long time.There is no issue in it.Only quality does matter nothing else.

Make friends with fellow webmasters/bloggers in your industry, and do whatever you can to impress reporters. Having your company featured in articles on websites for local publications is a great resource.

The most “gameable” aspect of SEO nowadays is Local SEO. Submitting your site to high profile Citation Sites and Content Distributors will give your site a lot of backlinks that will last and benefit your local ranking.

When filling out the information for your local listings, it is important to remember than branding is more important than using local keywords. As long as you give a good description, Google will be smart enough to know what your company should rank for, and they prefer to promote website’s which are well branded.

Building links manually is a waste of time. Try to invest your time in building engaging content instead of trying to focus on one signal of Google’s metrics. Engage with your audience. If you don’t have anything of value, then you might be needing to think again about your whole project.

So, who is going to build the links for you? or you are indicating towards automated backlinking? Whereas people are screaming to stop the use of automated link building tools after penguin update. If you only create the best quality content and post it in your site, how the people will know about it without marketing?

Ya backlinks don’t count for much these days. That is unless you have a valuable site that people naturally link to and throw around. Google rightfully finally realized they were single handidly destroying the web with that ranking.

Google wants to promote sites that are so interesting and informative that other webmasters and bloggers want to link to them to share them with their friends as a resource. This is one of the ways they judge “natural backlink patterns”.

If you loose 900 back links when you created 1000 in just one year then your doing something totally wrong… or you payed someone who had a network and removed you when you stopped paying…
that would be totally wrong as well… If you want to get quality back links then there is only one option… go work for it… go join your bloggin community, find people who blog about china caps etc… and ask if you can write a text for them with a back link as a reward… i know it takes a lot of time, but nowadays content on other website with a link in it works so damn well… it’s incredible how fast you can rank with those links.

Yes… you rightly observed that some backlinks are automatically disappear from the hosting site which may result huge downfall to your Website traffics and google page ranking. Generally, i like to say you that never use automatic submission process. New Google panda system can give you a negative page ranking for your bad backlinks creation methods. Learn how to improve Google Page Rank method very carefully . In my view, guest posting, forum posting, comments are good methods .


We can build long-term back links by using several White hat SEO techniques:

  • Forum Submissions
  • Bookmarking Submissions
  • Classified Ad Posting
  • Blog Creation and Commenting
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization

Presumably before you posted that you took the time to read the rest of the thread, including my explanation (post #5) of why forum posting will not help you build backlinks, and why any link you can post for yourself is of little value.

Clearly you disagree with my arguments, so I should be interested to hear your views, and what evidence you have to back them up.

I read about it too. But how many blog posts or contents are getting shared in that way? Only popular blog site’s contents are getting shared in that natural way. But, they too have done marketing by themselves to bring their site into recent position. What if I create a new blog and post some real high quality posts in it? How people will know about it? If people does not know about my blog post, how they will share it?

If you will create a new blog and post some real high quality posts in it, how will people know about it? You can promote it through Social Media. That is what is going on with the popular blog sites, they were successful in building their network/community because they are as what alabamaseo said, “so interesting and informative”. Learn who will benefit from your site’s contents and reach out to them.

That is ONE way people will know about your blog posts and hopefully they will share it to others too.

By the way, this is only an answer to your last post, and not to your first thread starter about backlinks. Just clarifying in case my reply is misunderstood as a way to make a successful and lasting backlink.



create some presentations about your site and share it, do blogging,article submission.use g+ for sharing your activities . get google authorship, it is very useful.

You can build long term permanent backlinks by writing articles and submitting them to leading directories without no-follow.