How can i make a font-size menu?


Could somebody tell me how to make a little menu where the user can set te font size? I wanted three a’s like this: A A A. When you click on it, the font-size on the website will change. I think you can do this with javascript, but i don’t know any javascript :).

Thanks in advance!

You might like to look around for Stylesheet Switching

The following links may be helpful:

The basic premise is that you use “Alternate stylesheets”. You can activate these stylesheets with JavaScript in which you can override things like font size.

Okay thanks! Can i do this with jquery too?

Of course :slight_smile: Just check the second link AssieJohn posted, or this link:

I made the little menu. Thanks a lot!

I should add that it’s more beneficial to teach the user to use the tools that come with their web browser to set their preferred font size, where they hold down the Ctrl key and use + or - to make things bigger or smaller, and Ctrl-0 to reset back to the default.

If only there was a JS API that could hook in to the browsers’ native functionality.