How can I learn Google Webmaster Tools

I want to learn about Google Webmaster Tools in details but i did not find it in web…
Please give me a suggestion how can I learn Google Webmaster Tools and how it works

I’d say sign up for an account and do some digging around. You probably have to play with it for a while, do some reading, googling etc. to get the hang of it.

google webmaster helps you to search the querries related to your website and lets you know that sitemap has indexed your page on google.

You can learn about google webmaster here:

By Google Web master Tools we know about how search engine crawls the your site and what are the Crawling Errors and in the site and by using this tool we can block web page those we don’t want to crawled by Search Engine

I’ve struggled big time with this as well. I now just youtube everything I need to know and its worked well for me albit I have watched a lot of crappy ads.

Its very simple way to understand Google webmaster tool.Once you open them and study them.There are number of ways to understand them.Demo available for them as well.