How can I increase the width of my post in blogger blogspot?

I want to increase the width of my blogger post.How can i edit it in html?

You can start by following the steps here for getting into blogger template editing… and then you can locate the container element of your post (use your browser inspect tool) and adjust the width using some CSS like min-width: <some value>

If you are not familiar with HTML and CSS, or how to find an element using the inspect tools, just do a Google search on those topics first before attempting to edit your blog post width.

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Increasing the width of your blog posts in Blogger ( involves adjusting the template settings.

  1. Login → then go to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Go to Theme Settings → Theme (section)
  3. Click on the “Edit HTML” button. Before making any changes, take to back up your current template. You can do this by clicking on the “Backup / Restore” button and downloading the current template.
  4. In Main CSS Styles find width setting
    e.g -
    CSS code:

.content-outer {
width: 800px; /* Adjust as per value as needed */

Blog post width

.post {
width: 500px; /* Adjust this value as needed */

Examples; your template may have different class names or structures
Modify the width values according to your preference. Like you can change them to percentages (width: 80%:wink: or use fixed pixel values as well.
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/* Main content width /
.content-outer {
width: 90%; /
Adjust this value as needed */

/* Blog post width /
.post {
width: 70%; /
Adjust this value as needed */
Experiment with different values until you achieve the desired width.

  1. Save Changes:
    After making the necessary changes, save your template.

  2. Preview and Adjust:

Preview your blog to see how the changes affect the post width.

  1. Publish changes:

click on “Save arrangement” or “Apply to Blog” to publish the updated template.

Note - (If your template uses a responsive design, be cautious about excessively increasing the width, as it may impact the responsiveness on smaller screens.)

  1. Open the Editor:
  • Think of it like opening your desk drawer. In Blogger, find and open the post editor for the post you want to widen.
  1. Look for “Layout” or “Design”:
  • It’s like finding the tools on your desk. Look for a section called “Layout” or “Design” in the Blogger editor.
  1. Adjust Post Width:
  • Imagine there’s a slider on your desk to adjust the width. In Blogger, you might find an option like “Post Width” or “Post Settings.” Adjust it to make your post wider.
  1. Preview and Save:
  • Before you lock everything in, it’s like checking how it looks. Use a “Preview” feature if available. If you’re happy, save your changes.
  1. Publish or Update:
  • Finally, it’s like putting your updated paper back on the desk. Click “Publish” or “Update” to apply the changes to your blog post.

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