How can i include my HTML5 design page in PHP class function?

I have one HTML5 page design which need to be included in one of the function in PHP class. How can i achieve this? Please give an example if you have anything online.

thanks in advance.

You need to be more specific. Your request is too ambiguous for any of us to be of any help. Go ahead with your assignment and if you have a specific problem (like a parse error), then ask for help. Keep in mind though that we aren’t here to figure out the whole assignment for you - essentially doing your homework for you. And you shouldn’t ask for that - who knows, your teacher might be reading this right now…

EDIT: One other thing - I’ve been doing this 9 years. Some here have been doing this twice or three times that long. If you use a solution we come up with your teacher would very likely become immediately suspicious of it.