How can I improve the page speed of my website?

Hello, How can I improve the page speed of my website as it is a little slow? Please help me.:slight_smile:

According to this a big delay is caused by this resource having a 504 error.

The bulk of the page weight is made up of multiple scripts and style sheets.

You could cut down considerably by combining these into fewer documents for fewer server requests, and also using compression on these files.

However, as you seem to be using Weebly site builder, Iโ€™m unsure how much control you have over these issues.

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7 ways to Improve the page speed of your website

  1. use a very fast hosting company.
  2. Use a cache plugin.
  3. Use a good theme.
  4. Compress your image.
  5. Clean up your database.
  6. fix all broken links.
  7. Minify your css and js files.

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