How can I improve the design?

Hi all,

I have recently left a nice (but flat) bootstrap site behind and opted for a WordPress site.

This site is still very much in development, but is live now:

I would really appreciate some suggestions as to what I should look to improve right away.

What can I do to improve the product pages and thr widet site etc more aesthetically ?

Any thoughts at all would be very helpful.


I don’t always like to comment too much on aesthetics unless there is something horrifically wrong, as it’s quite a subjective thing and comes largely down to personal taste. To me it looks like “just another Wordpress site”, take that as you will. :slight_smile:

I do have one or two criticisms though. That is how the homepage, above the fold displays on mobile (using browser simulation, not an actual mobile).
The video hides, which is probably a good thing, as it’s a bit of a bandwidth hog.
But you are left with blank white space and that light grey heading which it hard to see on white.
I would recommend in the query that hides the video, to change that header to a darker colour and hide that white space. I identified the space element as:-

<div class="vc_empty_space" style="height: 220px;"><span class="vc_empty_space_inner"></span></div>

Again with mobile, the social icons at the top seem a bit small for tap targets.
And for desktop users, maybe show a placeholder for the video as it loads, on a slow connection it can be a long wait with just plain black.

Cheers @SamA74

Ye’s that video area is something I need to tackle. How can I turn the entire space off on mobile, so that it doesn’t display with the space at all?

What would you do to the site to make it not feel like just another WordPress site ?

If you could find the media query where the video gets hidden then hid ethe element there.

.vc_empty_space { display: none ;}

Though I was having a hard time finding things in inspect with so many in-line styles everywhere.

That’s a tricky one, as it’s maybe just the nature of WP sites that people use themes and they get reused over and over. It’s not to say that this or all WP themes are necessarily pig-ugly, they can just become commonplace.


This is your main message on the homepage, and it fails to communicate what Camlin does or what makes it special.
If you go minimal with content, you should spent the time to create good titles.
Changing that title to something related that links it to Camlins activities will improve your website more then any design change now.

It’s not a great title … but his already gives me a better idea what Camlin does, before I thought it made windmills or produced smart power savers or something else :wink:

Also, make that title normal (We improve electricity power distribution), and with css you do a text-transform: uppercase.

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To improve your design that looks professional. you should focus on your competitors design to get an idea and design what you want. In short, Sample need make more easy to your work.

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